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UX Insights

Interactux Helps Launch a Community for Textile Enthusiasts

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Creating Haptic and Hue's Membership Program

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The Challenge

Haptic and Hue is an online community for textile (cloth and fabric) enthusiasts, comprised of both a podcast and stories that discuss the impact of textiles on our lives. Jo Andrews, the community's founder, wanted to expand upon her content offerings with a members-only podcast, stories and other bonus content.

The Solution

Interactux worked with Haptic and Hue to develop a user experience strategy for creating a successful subscription-based online community.

  • This began with a performance audit, which showed that the website was not meeting industry-standard speed benchmarks, especially for mobile devices. We worked with the client to move the website to a new, dedicated server and implement performance optimizations to ensure future paying subscribers have the best experience possible.
  • Once the performance optimizations were in place, we defined an experience strategy for integrating the membership program into the website. This included how users would learn about the program, join and pay for the program and finally, access their members-only content after logging in to the website.
  • Finally, we integrated the design and experience improvements into the website in November 2022. We ensured Jo and her team are easily able to add new content without developer assistance in the future.

The Results

The newly-branded Friends of Haptic and Hue launched prior to the holiday season, with an enthusiastic response from the existing community. Members appreciated the integrated and simple sign-up experience (powered by Memberful) and look forward to the bonus content that's regularly added each month. Importantly, the member community provides Haptic and Hue with the ongoing monetary support to continue providing their community great content for years to come.

Chris worked with me in re-designing the website for my podcast and designing from scratch the interface for the new Memberful site for the podcast. He was a complete pleasure to work with, he made everything simple and easy to do. We developed a relationship of trust quickly and together achieved a lot. Chris is one of the most capable contractors I have had the pleasure of working with and if you are lucky enough to hire him enjoy the experience. Josephine Andrews, Haptic and Hue
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