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Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience for a B2B eCommerce Website

Dashboard example

Implementing a personalized dashboard for customers.

Dashboard example

The Challenge

After Interactux helped Renewable Lubricants launch their new eCommerce website in 2020, attention turned to providing an enhanced experience for not only customers, but also distributors and resellers. While customers could place orders on the website, they desired to the ability to review past orders, favorite items and place repeat orders. Additionally, the higher capacity products that distributors most frequently ordered were not available on the customer-facing website, so they placed their orders via email or phone instead. Creating a fully-personalized eCommerce experience would allow Renewable Lubricants to provide a more efficient experience to their key audiences.

The Solution

Interactux worked with Renewable to devise a strategy for better-serving these audiences, including:

  • A user account registration and login flow.
  • The creation of a customer dashboard, which would give registered users access to sign in to view order history, saved shipping addresses, ability to reorder products and favorite items.
  • A new distributor dashboard, which allowed users to access an exclusive distributor store, with unique product quantities and shipping options.

The Results

Interactux designed and developed a new customer registration process (within Craft CMS and Craft Commerce) for both customers and distributors. Over 500 customers have registered for accounts since launch. Additionally, distributors have begun using the website to place orders directly (rather than over phone and email), providing time savings and greater order accuracy.

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